Atlas Commons Workforce Housing

Portsmouth, NH




New Construction



Atlas Commons LLC, McNabb Properties Ltd


Multi-family housing 72 apartments 130,000 sf

ARCove’s high-performance sustainable design for multi-family housing features comfortable amenities with low-carbon operations and economical construction. Two new buildings with 72 units of work-force, market rate, and transitional housing will be constructed in a revitalized community hub adjacent to retail, restaurant, healthcare, and recreation. Energy consumption is reduced by 92% through building massing and orientation, high-performance thermal envelope, efficient mechanical systems, and on-site solar photovoltaic and hot water energy generation. Embodied carbon is reduced by 45% through the use of recycled materials and low-carbon structural and finish materials. Controlled natural daylight and ventilation enhances comfort and health of occupants, reduces lighting energy loads, and maximizes passive solar heat gain through facade modulations. Penthouse level community lounges with wide roof decks offer natural plantings, providing healthy gathering spaces for residents away from traffic and congestion. A new community garden with natural plantings and public footpath creates a safe and convenient pedestrian connection from residential areas to the High School and public recreation fields nearby. Located along public transit lines and paired with employer housing assistance, this project will improve residents’ quality of life and support local businesses. We hope this approach becomes a model for other communities to help solve the housing crisis.